Andrew Wohl Fine Art Photography -

"Capture the Moment."  That is a common goal in photography.  To capture the moment when the light is just right or moving objects align in a spectacular and interesting way.  I try to do that with my photographs.  But there is another moment I want to capture also.  That is the moment of recognition within myself.  The moment that I see clearly the photographic possibilities and composition inherent in a scene.  Just as with natural light and shifting scenes, this moment is fleeting.  The possibility springs out at me unexpectedly and I capture the scene.  I have returned sometimes to the same place later and do not "see" the composition that was there earlier.  The photo is proof that I once did.  

I try and apply the classic rules of composition to my photographs of common, mundane and even homely objects.  I do not look for "beautiful" scenes; landscapes, flowers, animals but find more potential in the random and accidental arrangements of chairs in a courtyard or a pile of cardboard boxes.  An alley or construction site are more appealing places for me to find that "moment".

I hope you enjoy my photographs and I hope you can see what I saw too.

Andy Wohl